How to clip mulipolygon?

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This question was originally asked July 18, 2022 06:55 by user Timur Myrzagaliev

I have around 3000 AOI distributed over the region. Instead of clipping one by one, I want to clip multiple AOI together if they have the same scene. For example, I have scene id X and 10 AOI's that lies within this scene?  

"tools": [    {        "clip": {            "aoi": {                "type": "Polygon",                "coordinates": [                    object_coors                ]            }        }    }]

Should I change the type to Multipolygon and give coordinates or should something different be written? 

The second question is, can I give the list of scene ids and all coordinates that intersect with these scenes? Will this work? For sure, i will not exceed 500 vertices limit


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Julia Sauerbrey replied on July 18, 2022 07:00.


Hi Timur!

The clipping tool is compatible with MultiPolygon jsons so you can go ahead and try this method! As you're aware, there is a 500 vertices limit, so as long as you don't surpass this, your MultiPolygon should go through perfectly fine. Yes, you can give a list of scene ids and clip it with a MultiPolygon file that intersects with those scenes.

Kindly keep in mind that if you use a MultiPolygon json and products in your list of scene ids won't intersect with it, you will receive an error message as you're then trying to clip a product with an AOI that doesn't intersect.

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Good to know.