Planet Scope revisit time and Missing dates

  • 30 August 2022
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I understand that with PlanetScope we can get almost daily images, but in some dates there are a few missing dates.
For example, in some areas in Arkansas
2022 Period Jul-29 Aug-11 we are missing images of:

  • 02 ago
  • 04 ago
  • 05 ago
  • 07 ago
  • 09 ago

Is this due to cloudiness? Or, What is the reason why there are that many dates unavailable?
It is just to understand how the frecuency works.

Thank you.


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3 replies

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Hi @azcuemaite

Thanks for question! We will follow up and get back to you with an answer shortly. 

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Hi @azcuemaite,

Thanks again for your question.
The reason for the missing dates is most likely due to missing ground lock, or a visual block such as cloud cover, haze, etc. We also have some documentation here that provides additional information on our publication standards. I would also like to encourage you to take a look at our Introduction to PlanetScope course that we have in Planet University! Perhaps it can help give you a better overview of PlanetScope.

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@elyhienrich Good information to know, thanks for sharing the link to the documentation!