How to order a (SR) basemap?

  • 3 December 2023
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I’ve been trying to figure out what HTTP request I need to create to get a surface reflectance base map.

Here’s the code I’ve created, which can download RGB basemaps. Am I missing a tag or field to get the surface reflectance basemaps?

Also I’m on the student/educational API plan

Also, I believe I attempted to post this same question last week, but I got something along the lines of “the mods will review your post”, but I don’t think anything ever happened there...

# This code is all in a class, but I don't think pasting the entire file is relevant

self.ORDERS_API_URL = ''
# Order api stuff for basemaps
def download_basemap(self, session, request, download_location, file_prefix):
#POST request to get data
headers = {'content-type': 'application/json'}
response =, data=json.dumps(request), headers=headers)
#Construct url for getting request status
order_id = response.json()['id']
order_url = self.ORDERS_API_URL + '/' + order_id

#Check request status, once it's done download data
r = session.get(order_url)
response = r.json()
state = response['state']
end_states = ['success', 'failed', 'partial']
if state in end_states:

#Download data
response = session.get(order_url).json()
mosaic_name = response["products"][0]['mosaic_name']
coordinates = response["products"][0]['geometry']['coordinates']

#Download each file
results = response['_links']['results']
#print(json.dumps(results, indent=1))
for r in results:
download_url = r["location"]

# Craft file name
download_string_name = r["name"].replace("/", "_")
filesavepath = str(download_location) + "/" + str(file_prefix) + "_" + str(download_string_name)

# Download file
HelperFunctions.download_file_in_blocks(session, filesavepath, download_url, 1024, True, True)

#Code called outside of module file with a class instance being called
# 3 band data....
basemapRequest = {
"name": "Basemap order with geometry",
"source_type": "basemaps",
"products": [
"mosaic_name": "global_monthly_2022_06_mosaic",
"type": "Polygon",
"coordinates":[[[14.60, 52.30], [14.61, 52.30], [14.61, 52.31], [14.60, 52.31], [14.60, 52.30]]],
API_Wrapper.download_basemap(session, basemapRequest, "../Data/ForestTest8", "testprefix")
#Select Surface Reflectance Basemaps are generated using the Planetscope
#Surface Reflectance asset type (PSScene4Band analytic_sr) as input.

#"product_bundle": "analyasdtic_sr_udm2",



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Hi @ZacharyBowyer,

Sorry to hear that you had issues posting your question in the Community. 

With the basic Educational & Research Program you will have access to the following data:

  • PlanetScope (Ortho Tile, PlanetScope Scene)
  • RapidEye (RapidEye Ortho Tile, RapidEye Basic Scene)- Data available till March 2020
  • Landsat 8 Scene
  • Sentinel-1 GRD Scene
  • Sentinel-2 Tile
  • Monthly and Quarterly Basemaps streamed in Planet Explorer

Unfortunately, SR basemaps are not included. 

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Hi, thanks for the response @elyhienrich. I was wondering if there is a resource out there that lists all data products along with their prices, resolutions, and number of spectral bands. 



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Hi @ZacharyBowyer,

Here are some resources that can hopefully provide you with more clarity. 

Planet Imagery Product Specifications

This document describes Planet satellite imagery products. It is intended for users of satellite imagery interested in working with Planet’s product offerings.

Intro to Planet

This is a course readily available on Planet University that will give you an overview of all things Planet. 

Education & Research

This is a direct link to the Education & Research (E&R) landing page on Planet’s website, at the bottom is an FAQ section.  

Contact Sales

Should you want information about pricing, please contact sales. 


Let us know if you ned any other assistance or have any further questions!