How to get an up to date reference on the size of the PlanetScope Constellation?

  • 11 April 2024
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I need a current reference for some general information on the size of the PlanetScope constellation for a scientific article. 


Even on the Planet website there are multiple values for the size of the constellation:

130+:,3%20meters%20per%20pixel%20resolution. updated March 2024. 




Which would be the best value to accurately present the size of the constellation?


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Hello Sam!

My name is Mariana Curdoglo and I am the Product Manager for PlanetScope images. Hopefully, I can provide an answer for you.

The exact size of the Dove constellation varies depending on multiple variables. Planet adds and removes Doves from production as needed, along with launching an additional flock of Doves every year. For your scientific article, if you must reference a satellite count, please use 130+ from the Developer Center page as that is the most updated number. In addition, we state the following in the Product Specification document: 

The complete PlanetScope constellation of approximately 130 satellites is able to image the entire land surface of the Earth every day (equating to a daily collection capacity of 200 million km²/day).