Clip tool implementation to download from Subscription API

  • 19 May 2023
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Regarding the issue with our trial access, I have a question. While testing the capabilities of the Data API, it seems that there was some confusion between the 'GeometryFilter' and the 'Clip' tool in the Subscription API. We mistakenly believed that the 'GeometryFilter' would act as a clip and only provide us with the area of interest within the filter coordinates. However, it appears that it directed us to download an entire Planet Scope scene instead.

Could anyone please provide clarification or guidance on how we can address this issue?"


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The data API is great for searching for imagery and getting the image IDs. When you use the GeometryFilter you will receive all of the images that fall within you AOI, even if only a little bit.

However once you have your image ID, if you want to download just the clipped version of the image you will want to use the Orders API. By placing an order with the clip tool enabled  you will receive only the part of the image that is within your AOI, similar to the subscription API.