API code to fetch NAIP data

  • 5 March 2023
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I am the student doing bachelor's in computer science. I have some coordinates and I want to get the RGB 3m satellite images of 240 by 240 meters area around those coordinates of the particular. I want to automate this process using python, but I cannot figure out how to do so since I am finding hard time to understand API. Can anyone help me do so?

2 replies

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Hiย @Muhammad Usman,

We have a number of courses on Planet University that cover Planetโ€™s APIs. You can use your planet account to log in!

Check them out here!ย 

Let us know if these courses help you or if you need any additional support!ย 

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@Muhammad Usmanย I would particularly suggest you check out our documentation on the subscriptions API. If you have more specifics about the issue youโ€™re having, please let us know!