🔭 In case you missed it - November 2023 🔭

  • 4 December 2023
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🔭 In case you missed it - November 2023 🔭
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November has ended and December has already begun! If you have missed the latest news & social media posts from Planet in November, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Make sure that you follow our social media accounts to see all the exciting news coming in the future. We want to take a moment to show you some highlights from the last month!


Social Media 

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Planet's unique satellite data and capabilities enable our customer EOMAP to monitor water quality globally. Dr. Thomas Heege, CEO of EOMAP, shares how our data helps their team evaluate harmful algae blooms, coastal zones, and wetland ecosystems. Click here to see the video




Launch success! We've established contact with all 37 satellites launched on Nov 11th. Check out this tweet to learn more about our satellites onboard.


Additionally, don’t forget to check our tweets on #ScienceWednesday! You can find interesting scientific stories as well as how Planet data is used in different cases. 



See the first images after Flock FQ’s successful launch on this post


In the News 📰

Washington Post: Ancient Warning of Rising Sea



Associated Press: Satellite photos analyzed by AP show an axis of Israeli push earlier this week into the Gaza Stripa



Via Satellite: Planet Releases New Forest Carbon Diligence Dataset, Archiving 10 Years of Carbon Data



Blogs and Newsletters 

Planet Pulse

NICFI Satellite Data Program celebrating three years of using space to help reduce and reverse tropical forest loss. Read this article to learn more about the program’s impacts on seven NICFI strategic areas within three years. 



Planet Snapshots

Check out the 101th issue of Snaphots features our Forest Carbon Diligence Product!


You can sign up for Planet’s weekly newsletter! Planet Snapshot delivers Planet's top content and industry news in a mix of dynamic story-driven bites and deep-dives every Thursday morning.


That’s a wrap for the month of November! We wish you a wonderful December!

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