🔭 In case you missed it - May 2023 🔭

🔭 In case you missed it - May 2023 🔭
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May has ended and June has already begun! If you have missed the latest news & social media posts from Planet in May, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Make sure that you follow our social media accounts to see all the exciting news coming in the future. We want to take a moment to show you some highlights from the last month!

Social Media 


As May is AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) month, Planet featured Marie W. Wulff who is a Manufacturing Engineer working on our SuperDove constellation in this post, you can learn more about what Marie does at Planet!


After some heavy rainfall, California has been experiencing some beautiful blooms! Check out this image that we captured on April 5th!

Additionally, don’t forget to check our tweets on #ScienceWednesday! You can find interesting scientific stories as well as how Planet data is used in different cases.


Think black holes are cool? Come check out these blue holes (marine sink holes that is).

In the News 📰

Reuters: Turkey's Toxic Dust

New Scientist:  A map of every tree in Africa will help monitor deforestation

The Economist: How SpaceX set off a new race to commercialize space

Blogs and Newsletters 

Planet Pulse

The Education & Research team put out a cool article highlighting next steps for Expanding Planet Data And Tasking Capabilities For Research In The University Of California Systems

Planet Snapshots

Check out these images of humans gathering! It's incredible to see from space!

That’s a wrap for the month of April! We wish you a wonderful May!


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