🔭 In case you missed it - August 2023 🔭

  • 5 September 2023
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🔭 In case you missed it - August 2023 🔭
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August has ended and September has already begun! If you have missed the latest news & social media posts from Planet in August, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Make sure that you follow our social media accounts to see all the exciting news coming in the future. We want to take a moment to show you some highlights from the last month!


Social Media 

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Microsoft is working with the American Red Cross and Planet on a preliminary assessment of the damage in Lahaina in order to help first responders and relief organizations in their critical work. Check out the post here



Our global Forest Carbon Planetary Variable is an affordable & scalable solution that can empower organizations with unprecedented insights into forest change & carbon capture. Read more about it here.


Additionally, don’t forget to check our tweets on #ScienceWednesday! You can find interesting scientific stories as well as how Planet data is used in different cases. 


Atmospheric methane is now 2.5 times more concentrated than pre-industrial levels.. to read more, click here!


In the News 📰

Wall Street Journal: Ukrainian Naval Drones Attack Russian Black Sea Port


The  Washington Post: Bahrain prison inmates are on hunger strike, the latest sign of simmering unrest in island kingdom


Blogs and Newsletters 

Planet Pulse

Check out this article giving all the info on: Planet Acquires Sinergise Business: A New Chapter In Earth Observation

Planet Snapshots

Check out this issue on Buffer Zones!


You can sign up for Planet’s weekly newsletter! Planet Snapshot delivers Planet's top content and industry news in a mix of dynamic story-driven bites and deep-dives every Thursday morning.

That’s a wrap for the month of August! We wish you a wonderful September!


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