Agile EO Webinar Series: Sentinel Hub

  • 28 July 2023
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In this month of Planet’s Agile EO Webinar Series - we covered Planet’s partnership with Sinergise, the makers of Sentinel Hub.  Sentinel Hub is a world leading earth observation platform for analyzing satellite imagery.  Sinergise has built an integration with Planet’s APIs, enabling users to work with Planet data products in Sentinel Hub.

In this webinar we looked at EO Browser, the integration with Planet’s Subscriptions API, and a sample python workflow for analyzing daily PlanetScope scenes for an agriculture use-case.  If you want to catch the recording or watch any previous Agile EO webinars, you can watch them here.  In this post you will find the questions & answers from the webinar. If you want to see the Jupyter notebook that was used in the demonstration you can find it here.

If you are interested to know more about how to get started with Planet + Sentinel Hub, you can reach out to your Planet account representative or contact us here!



Can Sentinel Hub read imagery from Azure Blob Storage?

No, currently Azure Blob Storage is not supported, but feel free to engage in their forum on threads like this one if you want to find out more.

How does Sentinel Hub work with AWS Sagemaker?

Sentinel Hub offers the ability to read from AWS S3 with the Bring Your Own COG API and also deliver results to AWS S3 with the Batch Processing and Batch Statistical (beta) APIs. In combination with the rest of their APIs, these capabilities could be used in conjunction with Sagemaker in environments such as Jupyter Notebooks for machine learning workflows.

Does Sentinel Hub offer analysis capabilities like super resolution, image segmentation, classification, k-means clustering, or image coregistration?

For an overview of capabilities of the Sentinel Hub APIs, you can refer to the Sentinel Hub documentation. In addition to Sentinel Hub APIs, Sinergise has developed the open source Python package eo-learn which includes some more advanced analysis tooling for supporting workflows such as cloud masking, image co-registration, feature extraction, and classification.

Where can I learn more about applicable use-cases such as deforestation, water quality monitoring, agriculture monitoring, and more?

We looked at a specific use-case around agricultural monitoring, however Planet + Sentinel Hub can be used for many other use-cases and you can learn more about way’s Planet is being used in these areas in the following resources:

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