Trying to access imagery outside of my Tier using the Subscription API

  • 25 January 2024
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Hello Everyone!


I am writing this post to ask if anyone knows what happens when you try to download imagery from outside of your signed Tier using the Subscription API. E.g. in my case, I have a contract that lets me download imagery for a given polygon from Japan (Tier 1), so if an user mistakenly tries to download data from, let’s say, the US, my subscription creation will fail and throw an error or will I be charged for this?

I already read this documentation, however I could not find an explicit reference to this problem. Although, I am guessing I would get a 403 error (Unauthorized).


I would appreciate it if someone could answer my question.


Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Miguel Castro Gomez 31 January 2024, 11:25

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2 replies

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Hi @belenfh,

Since you would create a subscription in the same Tier, it should not fail and let you continue. You can test it by placing a subscription over a small AOI in the US with start date in the future. Once you check that it does not fail, you can cancel it. 



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Hi Miguel,


Thank you for your reply! 

I will try what you proposed.