SR Quarterly Basemaps with NIR

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Hello, I would like to download the quarterly SR base maps, ideally the normalized images with NIR. I am using the mosaics API to search for available imagery with:

basemap_url = (
basemapServiceResponse = requests.get(url=basemap_url, auth=auth)

basemaps = basemapServiceResponse.raise_for_status()
if basemapServiceResponse.status_code != 204:
basemaps = json.loads(basemapServiceResponse.text)

In the results I only see monthly products with names matching the pattern:


Even then, I am unable to download those images. I have had success with downloading files matching this pattern:


But these do not include NIR. 

The code I am using to place my order is:

def place_order(request, auth):
response =
headers={"content-type": "application/json"},
order_id = response.json()["id"]
order_url_id = order_url + "/" + order_id
return order_url_id

order_params = {
"name": "Basemap order with geometry",
"source_type": "basemaps",
"order_type": "partial",
"products": [
"mosaic_name": "ps_quarterly_sen2_normalized_analytic_subscription_2023-01-01_2023-04-01_mosaic",
"geometry": geometry,
"tools": [{"merge": {}}, {"clip": {}}],

place_order(order_params, auth)

And I am receiving this message:

{'field': None, 'general': [{'message': 'Unable to accept order: no basemap quads were found that match order parameters'}]}
KeyError Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[21], line 1
----> 1 basemap_url = place_order(order_params, auth)
2 basemap_url

Cell In[8], line 9, in place_order(request, auth)
2 response =
3 order_url,
4 data=json.dumps(request),
5 auth=auth,
6 headers={"content-type": "application/json"},
7 )
8 print(response.json())
----> 9 order_id = response.json()["id"]
10 print(order_id)
11 order_url_id = order_url + "/" + order_id

KeyError: 'id'

I am new to Planet imagery and the APIs so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if I simply do not have access to these products. I am at a university with a E&R (Departmental or Campus Package) license. Any information would be appreciated!


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Hi @cmolitor

Based on our investigation, the problem might be with your permission. Therefore, we have raised a support ticket on your behalf and copied the email you use to sign in to the community.


Please let us know if we can help you with anything else!

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The short answer here is that the Planet Basemaps with NIR are not offered with the university license I am using. Here is the reply I received:

Unfortunately the customized surface reflectance basemap option is not part of the Education & research license. It would have to be included separately at a cost.

Hope this helps other people in my situation. The best alternative is to use the NICFI data

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Thank you @cmolitor for helping the community out by providing the reply you got! 


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