Checking the quota my subscription will consume before creating it

  • 13 September 2023
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I am writing this post because I want to know if there is any response parameter, API call or tool that you can use to know exactly how much quota will be consumed by my subscription.

Of course, I could calculate the area in sq kms using python or any other programming language but I am concerned about the rounding up errors, so I would like to get the exact value from Planet’s side before actually creating the subscription. I have noticed that in planet explorer there are tools that measure the area of your AOI but I will use the Subscription API to get data of my AOI for over long periods of time programmatically, so I will not use planet explorer.

Also, I have read that there is an API for generating reports, called the reports API, but the documentation about it was rather scarce (I do not know whether in the report the quota usage per subscription will be included as I cannot use it) and also these reports are generated after creating the subscriptions, so this does not answer my question either.

If anyone could help me, I’d be really grateful!


Best answer by Miguel Castro Gomez 15 September 2023, 10:28

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8 replies

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Hey @belenfh,

There is not such option to know in advance the quota consumption from the Subs API. A work-around would be indeed your idea based on the area of your polygon. You could use the reports API to validate your calculations and have a better understanding. FYI, providing quota consumption is something we're actively discussing.




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Thank you so much for your reply, @Miguel Castro Gomez !


Okay, then I will do what you suggested to understand better my quota consumption.





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@belenfh btw, are you working under an AUM / HUM (Area / Hectares Under Management) model?

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We are using two accounts, this one, in which I purchased, through sentinel hub, Planet Scope data (under the AUM quota style).

The other one uses a Premium quota style, and in the future we plan to have another one using the Premium quota style as well!

I was asking for that future account!

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Thanks for the details. To make it clear on quota consumption:

  • Account 1 under AUM style in SentinelHub → You consume quota only when you create a new AOI, so it would be easy to know how much will be deducted by just deriving your area. 
  • Account 2/3 under premium quota → You consume quota every time you download an image. If you use the clip tool, you consume quota based on the AOI you are defining with a minimun charge. Check a detailed explanation here
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Thank you for your clarification and your prompt reply!


So if let’s say, I decide to subscribe to an small AOI of 3 ha (0.03 sq km) for one year, under the AUM, I will only be charged once that area (consumed quota/year = 0.03 sq km). However, in the premium style, I will be charged quota for each and every clipped image (so for instance, let’s imagine I get 365 images, my consumed quota would be 365 * 0.03 sq km = 10.95 sq km at the end of the year)


Is my understanding correct?

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Exactly, also be aware that each option has its minimum quota charge. In the end, choosing one option or the other to access your data really depends on your application and what you want to achieve. 

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Thank you so much for your help! We will keep that in mind.